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Unlocker: A Free Tool to Delete, Move, and Rename Locked Files - Download UnlockHD.exe Now

- Mention the scenarios where it can be useful - Provide a brief overview of the article H2: How to Download Unlockhd.exe - Provide the official link to download Unlockhd.exe from Acer website - Explain how to run the program and enter the code - Warn about the risks of using third-party sources or tools H2: How to Reset Hard Disk Security on Your Laptop - Explain the steps to remove the hard disk password using Unlockhd.exe - Provide a table with some common codes and passwords for different models - Mention the alternative methods to reset hard disk security H2: How to Recover Data from a Locked Hard Drive - Explain why data recovery is important and challenging in this case - Recommend some reliable data recovery software and services - Provide some tips and best practices for data recovery H2: Conclusion - Summarize the main points of the article - Emphasize the benefits of using Unlockhd.exe for Acer devices - Invite the readers to share their feedback or questions Table 2: Article with HTML formatting What is Unlockhd.exe and How to Use it for Acer Devices


If you have an Acer laptop that has hard disk security enabled, you may have encountered a situation where you need to enter a password to access your data. This can be a problem if you forget your password, lose your password, or buy a second-hand laptop with an unknown password. In such cases, you may need a tool that can help you unlock your hard drive and reset its security settings. One such tool is Unlockhd.exe.

download unlockhd.exe


Unlockhd.exe is a program that can generate a master password for your hard drive based on its code. It works for Acer laptops that use InsydeH20 BIOS and have ATA security enabled. It can remove the hard disk password and erase all the data on it. It can also be used to change the hard disk password without erasing the data.

In this article, we will explain how to download Unlockhd.exe from the official Acer website, how to use it to reset your hard disk security, how to recover your data from a locked hard drive, and what are the risks and alternatives of using this tool.

How to Download Unlockhd.exe

The official source to download Unlockhd.exe is the Acer website. You can find it under the Support section, in the Downloads category. You will need to enter your laptop's serial number, SNID, or model name to find the appropriate file. The file name is usually HDD_PW.EXE or HDD_PW.ZIP.

To run Unlockhd.exe, you will need to create a bootable USB flash drive or CD/DVD with DOS system files. You can use a program like Rufus or UNetbootin to do this. Then, copy Unlockhd.exe to the root directory of your USB or CD/DVD. Next, insert your USB or CD/DVD into your laptop and boot from it. You should see a DOS prompt where you can type unlockhd.exe and press Enter.

The program will ask you to enter the code that appears on your laptop screen when you try to access your hard drive. This code is usually 8 digits long and starts with a number. For example, 12345678. After you enter the code, the program will generate a master password for your hard drive. You can use this password to unlock your hard drive and reset its security settings.

However, be careful when using Unlockhd.exe or any other tool that claims to unlock your hard drive. Do not download it from untrusted sources or use unknown codes or passwords. You may end up damaging your hard drive, losing your data, or infecting your laptop with malware.

How to Reset Hard Disk Security on Your Laptop

If you have successfully obtained the master password for your hard drive using Unlockhd.exe, you can use it to reset its security settings. Here are the steps to do so:

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  • Turn off your laptop and remove any external devices.

  • Turn on your laptop and press F2 repeatedly to enter BIOS setup.

  • Navigate to Security tab and select Set HDD Password.

  • Enter your master password and press Enter Enter a new password or leave it blank to disable hard disk security.

  • Press Enter and confirm your choice.

  • Press F10 to save and exit BIOS setup.

  • Restart your laptop and enjoy your unlocked hard drive.

However, not all Acer laptops have the same code and password for hard disk security. Some models may have different codes or passwords depending on the BIOS version, hard drive model, or other factors. Here is a table with some common codes and passwords for different Acer laptops:






Acer Aspire 3, 5, 7



Acer Swift 3, 5, 7



Acer Spin 3, 5, 7



Acer Nitro 5, 7, 9



Acer Predator Helios 300, Triton 500, 700

If you cannot find your code or password in this table, you can try to search online for more information or contact Acer support for assistance. Alternatively, you can use other methods to reset your hard disk security, such as removing the CMOS battery, using a jumper or switch, or replacing the hard drive.

How to Recover Data from a Locked Hard Drive

If you have important data on your locked hard drive, you may want to recover it before using Unlockhd.exe or any other tool that can erase it. However, data recovery from a locked hard drive is not easy and may require professional help. Here are some options you can try:

  • Data recovery software: You can use some data recovery software that can bypass the hard disk security and scan your hard drive for lost or deleted files. Some examples of such software are EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, Stellar Data Recovery, and Recuva. However, these software may not work for all types of hard drives or passwords, and they may not be able to recover all your data.

  • Data recovery service: You can send your locked hard drive to a data recovery service that can use advanced techniques and tools to access your data. Some examples of such services are Ontrack, DriveSavers, and Secure Data Recovery. However, these services may be expensive and time-consuming, and they may not guarantee the success of data recovery.

  • Data backup: The best way to avoid losing your data from a locked hard drive is to back it up regularly to an external device or cloud storage. This way, you can restore your data easily and safely in case of any problem. Some examples of data backup solutions are Windows Backup and Restore, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

Whatever option you choose, make sure you follow some tips and best practices for data recovery, such as:

  • Stop using your locked hard drive: As soon as you realize that your hard drive is locked and you need to recover your data, stop using it or writing anything on it. This can prevent further damage or overwriting of your data.

  • Use a different computer: If possible, use a different computer to run the data recovery software or service. This can avoid any interference or conflict with your laptop's BIOS or system files.

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