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Groove3 - Mix School 101

Garnish Music Production provides a world-class education for music producers. Self-described as a boutique music production school, Garnish now has physical locations around the world and a strong online learning experience.

Groove3 - Mix School 101

DS2001 was an early PS2 title, and the character models show it. The characterslook like upscaled PlayStation 1 models, possessing the same cartoony style seen in the previous titles, though the game does run at a slightly higher resolution. Each team consists of four dancers, and the teams are themed along such lines as high schoolers (the School Mates), jungle dwellers (Cusu-Cusu), crossdressers (Flower Dance Team), or ravers (Data Be Bops). In total, there are eight dance teams, forming a cast of thirty-two characters. The Bust a Groove team put a lot of love into the huge cast, with each eclectic team having a lot of unique moves to show off. Unfortunately, none of the Bust a Groove dancers return as playable characters, but Hamm makes a cameo in one of the stages. At a frame rate of 60 frames per second, the dancing has never felt more fluid. The credits and the separate motion files for each dancer on the disc imply that each dancer was choreographed individually, making this game one of the most cohesive and impressive displays of motion captured dancing on the PlayStation 2.

Year of release : 2017 Manufacturer : Groove3 Manufacturer Website : Posted by : William Sprawls Duration : 01:12:30 Type of handing out material : Video Tutorial Language : English 350c69d7ab


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