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Now you've got this week's question, and it's time to get answerin'.For those of you new to Hey, Answerfans!, I'll explain the concept.Believe it or not, I'm genuinely curious what you think.That's right; as much as I love the sound of my own voice, I do love to listen to what other people have to say on a subject. I'm finding that over the last few years, the attitudes, reasoning and logic that today's anime fans use eludes, confuses or astounds me; I have so many questions for you, and I'm dying to hear what you have to say in response. Welcome to Hey, Answerfans!Basically, we're turning the tables. Each week I'm going to ask you a question, and I want you to email me your answer. Be as honest as you can. I'm looking for good answers; not answers I agree with or approve of, but good, thoughtful answers. People feel passionately about these subjects and I'd like to see that in the responses I get. I'll post the best answers I get, and maybe some of the crappy ones. Sometimes there may only be one or two good ones; sometimes five or more. It all depends on what I get in my inbox! Got it? Pretty simple, right? Start writing those answers and email them to answerman [at] animenewsnetwork dot com. We do have a few simple ground rules to start with.Things To Do:* Be coherent.* Be thoughtful.* Be passionate.* Write as much or as little as you feel you need to to get your point across in the best possible way.Things Not To Do:* Respond when the question doesn't apply to you. For instance, if your email response starts with "Well, I don't do whatever you're asking about in the question... " then I'm going to stop reading right there and hit delete.* Be unnecessarily rude or use a lot of foul language.* Go off-topic.

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