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Tips for accurately and effectively betting on a 2-ball handicap

Before engaging in football betting, it's crucial to select suitable odds. This step is essential as players will rely on factors related to the match and their personal skills to make the final decision. For seasoned bettors, mastering the 2-ball handicap is crucial due to its effectiveness and high winning rates. The following article from Wintips will help you understand betting tips in football more about this type of betting.

Understanding the 2-ball handicap

To better grasp the 2-ball handicap, you need to know some basic information:

What is a 2-ball handicap?

The 2-ball handicap, also known as the 2-ball draw (denoted as 2.0), is a type of bet that typically doesn't appear frequently in matches. It only becomes noticeable when there's a significant difference in strength between the two teams.

The favored team will have a clear advantage and is expected to secure a win. The crucial factor here is by how many goals they win. When placing a bet on this type of match, players will choose between the favored team or the underdog, with three possible outcomes:

The favored team wins by a margin of three goals or more. In this case, the favored team wins the bet, while the underdog loses.

The favored team wins by a margin of two goals. This results in a draw, and bettors receive their stake back.

The favored team wins by a margin of one goal, or the match ends in a draw or a win for the underdog. In this scenario, the favored team loses the bet, and the underdog wins.

Example 1 of a 2-ball draw

In a World Cup qualifying match between England and France, France is given a 2-ball handicap (2.0) against England. After analysis, a bettor chooses France as the favored team and places a $100 bet with odds of -0.92. Here are the specific cases:

France wins by a margin of three goals or more against England. The bettor wins the bet and receives $100 in profit.

France wins by a margin of two goals against England. The bet is a draw, and the bettor gets back their $100 stake.

France wins by a margin of one goal, draws, or loses to England. In this case, the bettor loses the bet and loses $92 ($100 x -0.92).

Example 2 of a 2-ball draw

In a match between Poland and Canada, the bookmaker sets the odds with Poland having a 2-ball handicap against Canada. A bettor chooses Canada as the underdog and places a $100 bet with odds of 2.13. Here's what could happen:

Canada wins, draws, or loses by one goal to Poland. The bettor wins the bet and receives $213 ($100 x 2.13), including $113 in profit.

Canada loses by two goals to Poland. The bet is a draw, and the bettor gets back their $100 stake.

Canada loses by three goals or more to Poland. In this scenario, the bettor loses the bet and forfeits the entire $100 wager.

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Some Essential Notes When Betting on Handicap 2 Goals

Before deciding which bet to choose, you need to grasp necessary information such as:

Begin placing bets after analysis, understanding all bets. Do not overlook the effective prediction experience to obtain accurate information about the odds board.

During participation, maintain composure, while also noting potential scenarios. It's best to calculate the exact success rate for a chance to win. Only when you understand the situation well can you make decisions with high accuracy.

Applying this handicap bet without a basis leads to relatively low chances of success. This makes players spend a lot of time, effort, and money without receiving any profit.

Tips for Effective Handicap Betting with 2 Goals

Among the various types of bets, the handicap bet with 2 goals is quite common in matches with a ranking gap. Most experts usually bet on the favored team. However, you need to ensure that the number of goals scored by the handicap team is two or more; otherwise, you will lose your bet.


Analyzing bets is a necessary skill when betting on sports. To accurately analyze bets, players need to gather as much information about the two teams as possible. Firstly, pay attention to their rankings, playing abilities, and positions in the odds. For deeper insights, you can check player lists, physical conditions, applied tactics, techniques, playing styles, etc.

According to the experience of many players, for bets with high handicap odds, it's advisable to choose the underdog team. It's challenging for a match to score too many goals.


Choosing the right betting time can help players turn the situation from losing to winning. Sometimes, bookmakers adjust the odds to attract players. Sometimes they reduce the betting odds. Therefore, players must always closely monitor the bookmaker's information board to place the most reasonable bets. The best time to place bets may be about 15-20 minutes after the match has started.

If you hastily lose vigilance and become overconfident after only the first goal, the chance of receiving a big reward is very slim. Before starting the betting round, players should accurately assess the goal-scoring ability of all members in the match.

The process of choosing over or under bets also requires careful consideration. In some special situations, the underdog can still bring a big win. Therefore, analyze betting cases to choose an effective team.


Above is Wintips' sharing football tips site about the handicap 2 goals for readers. Apply these basic knowledge and your existing skills to win more. Don't forget to keep a cool head and stay alert to make the wisest choices.


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