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Dragonscapes Adventure: How to Unlock New Islands and Dragons

Dragonscapes Adventure: A Tropical Farm Game with a Twist

Do you love farm games but want something more than just planting crops and harvesting them? Do you enjoy exploring new lands and finding cute creatures along the way? If you answered yes to both questions, then you might want to check out Dragonscapes Adventure, a casual energy exploring game that combines farming, dragon collecting, and island discovery in one fun package.


In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Dragonscapes Adventure, including what it is, why you should play it, how to play it, and some tips and tricks to help you progress faster and enjoy the game more. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran player, we hope you will find this article useful and informative.


What is Dragonscapes Adventure?

Dragonscapes Adventure is a mobile game developed by Century Games, the same studio behind popular titles like Idle Mafia and King of Avalon. It was released in 2020 and has since gained millions of downloads and positive reviews from players all over the world. It is available for free on both Android and iOS devices, with optional in-app purchases for extra features and benefits.

The game is set on a remote archipelago where you join your best friend Mia and her crew on their tropical adventure to study dragons and build a new home for yourselves. You will encounter various types of dragons, from common ones like fire, water, and earth, to rare ones like crystal, candy, and rainbow. You will also discover different islands, each with its own theme, flora, fauna, and secrets.

Why play Dragonscapes Adventure?

There are many reasons why you should give Dragonscapes Adventure a try, but here are some of the main ones:

  • It is relaxing and enjoyable. The game has beautiful graphics, soothing music, and simple gameplay that will make you feel calm and happy. You can play at your own pace, without any pressure or competition. You can also customize your island with various decorations and buildings to make it look more appealing.

  • It is fun and rewarding. The game has plenty of content and features to keep you entertained and satisfied. You can explore new areas, collect resources, craft items, complete quests, fulfill orders, participate in events, and more. You can also earn coins, gems, energy, dragon eggs, and other rewards for your efforts.

  • It is cute and charming. The game has adorable characters, especially the dragons, that will make you smile and laugh. You can interact with them, feed them, pet them, play with them, and watch them grow. You can also merge them to create new breeds and colors. You can even name them and dress them up with accessories.

How to play Dragonscapes Adventure

Dragonscapes Adventure is easy to play, but it also has some depth and strategy to it. Here are the basic steps on how to play the game:

Explore the islands and discover dragons

The core gameplay of Dragonscapes Adventure is exploring the islands and discovering dragons. To do this, you need to use energy, which is the main currency of the game. Energy is consumed every time you tap on an object on the island, such as trees, rocks, bushes, chests, etc. Tapping on these objects will clear them from your path, reveal hidden items or areas, or trigger events or dialogues.

You can see how much energy you have left by looking at the bar at the top of the screen. You can also see how much energy each object requires by tapping and holding on it. Energy regenerates over time, or you can refill it by using items, watching ads, or spending gems.

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As you explore the islands, you will find dragon eggs, which you can hatch in your settlement. You will also encounter wild dragons, which you can befriend by feeding them their favorite food. Once you have enough dragons of the same type, you can merge them to create a higher level dragon. Higher level dragons can produce more resources and have more abilities.

Build your settlement and produce goods

The other main aspect of Dragonscapes Adventure is building your settlement and producing goods. To do this, you need to use coins, which is another currency of the game. Coins are earned by completing quests, fulfilling orders, selling items, or collecting from buildings.

You can build various types of buildings in your settlement, such as farms, factories, workshops, stores, etc. Each building has a different function and can produce different goods. For example, farms can grow crops, factories can make processed food, workshops can craft tools, and stores can sell products. You can also upgrade your buildings to increase their capacity and efficiency.

You can use the goods you produce for various purposes, such as feeding your dragons, completing quests, fulfilling orders, or crafting new items. You can also trade them with other players or sell them for coins.

Merge and collect different types of dragons

One of the most fun and exciting features of Dragonscapes Adventure is merging and collecting different types of dragons. There are over 100 kinds of dragons in the game, each with its own appearance, personality, and abilities. You can discover them by exploring the islands, hatching eggs, or merging lower level dragons.

Merging dragons is a simple but addictive process. You just need to drag and drop two dragons of the same type and level onto each other, and they will merge into a higher level dragon. The higher the level of the dragon, the more resources it can produce and the more abilities it has. For example, some dragons can help you clear objects faster, some can boost your energy regeneration, and some can unlock special areas or events.

You can collect and display your dragons in your settlement or on the islands. You can also interact with them, feed them, pet them, play with them, and watch them grow. You can even name them and dress them up with accessories. You can also check your dragon collection in the dragon book, where you can see their stats and information.

Complete quests and orders for rewards

Another way to enjoy Dragonscapes Adventure is to complete quests and orders for rewards. Quests are tasks that are given by Mia or other characters in the game. They usually involve exploring the islands, producing goods, merging dragons, or interacting with objects or events. Quests will advance the story of the game and unlock new features and areas.

Orders are requests that are made by customers who visit your settlement. They usually ask for specific goods that you can produce in your buildings or craft in your workshop. Orders will earn you coins, gems, energy, dragon eggs, or other rewards.

You can see your current quests and orders by tapping on the icons at the left side of the screen. You can also see your progress and rewards by tapping on the icons at the right side of the screen.

Tips and tricks for Dragonscapes Adventure

Dragonscapes Adventure is a casual game that does not require much skill or strategy to play. However, there are some tips and tricks that can help you progress faster and enjoy the game more. Here are some of them:

Manage your energy wisely

Energy is the most important resource in Dragonscapes Adventure, as it allows you to explore the islands and discover new things. However, energy is also limited and takes time to regenerate. Therefore, you should manage your energy wisely and use it efficiently.

Some ways to do this are:

Plan ahead. Before you start exploring an island, take a look at the map and see what objects are there and how much energy they require. Try to clear


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