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Eptar Reinforcement For Archi Cad 16 18

This solution helps designers to draw documents and lists the necessary reinforcement for their buildings in ArchiCAD. The application provides tools to define all 2D drawings as well as complete 3D models.

Eptar Reinforcement For Archi Cad 16 18

Our simple solution contains a library of reinforcement objects and an Add-on. They provide great freedom in defining constructions and also help to specify complex objects. What?s more, Eptar Reinforcement checks the rebar ID numbering and corrects it if necessary. With our tool, users can simply calculate the necessary amount of rebars. Iron list is available on the floor plan just as the interactive schedule.

Individual elements as rebars, meshes, stirrups can be found in the Objects category and be set and placed as any regular ArchiCAD object. Elements of the Reinforcement solution are no exceptions. The solution consists of two parts: an object library and an Add-On.ĪrchiCAD users are already used to it, that the elements and objects can be defined by giving their parameters in the setting window. The basic working method of Reinforcement is not complicated. Our aim was to build a cheap and easy-to-use tool, which can help with this problem and complement ArchiCAD with this feature. We were mainly thinking about medium size architectural firms, while developing the solution, where architectural and structural planning goes hand in hand, but could be useful for anyone who has to draw and model reinforcing of buildings. The Reinforcement solution was developed to make sure that architects and civil engineers can work together in ArchiCAD on the same BIM model. We believe (and work on it) that ArchiCAD can be made capable of handling not only architects' but other designers' preferences as well. This Add-On enables ArchiCAD users to be able to draw their reinforcement plans for their building.ĪrchiCAD is considered to be a drawing and modeling program for architects only. The Reinforcement solution was created to make sure that architects and civil engineers can work together in ArchiCAD on the same BIM model. The team of eptar was there on the three day event and we presented the 1.2 version of our Reinforcement solution with great success. 18-20th April GRAPHISOFT held its International Partner Conference in Budapest.

Modlar is a website and company founded by architecture and construction industry professionals who know what the typical ArchiCAD drafter would be looking for in free objects online. The site specializes in objects that have something to do with commercial design and architecture.

As ArchiCAD evolved over the years, its functionalities have improved and it can now handle more complex BIM and architectural models. However, making these models in ArchiCAD can be time-consuming and also expensive especially if you have to hire an expert to do it.

In addition, all the above-mentioned sites provide free downloads thus saving you from the hustle of having to pay architects to produce the models or paying to download the models. Also, a majority of the free ArchiCAD objects downloaded from these websites can be opened using various ArchiCAD alternatives. 350c69d7ab


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