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Download Music: Xtra Cool by Young Jonn - A Tune That Will Make You Dance

Xtra Cool by Young John: A Review of the Hit Song

If you are a fan of Nigerian music, you have probably heard of Young John, one of the most talented and prolific producers in the industry. He is also a singer and songwriter, who has released several hit songs, including his latest single, Xtra Cool. In this article, we will review Xtra Cool by Young John, and explore its lyrics, music production, reception, and impact.

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Young John, whose real name is John Saviours Udomboso, was born on February 16, 1995, in Ibadan, Oyo State. He started playing musical instruments as a child, and formed a group called AVG with his brothers. He later signed to Hit Factory Studio in 2012, where he produced his first major hit, Story For The Gods by Olamide. Since then, he has worked with many top artists in Nigeria, such as Davido, Lil Kesh, Tiwa Savage, Naira Marley, and Kizz Daniel. He is also known as The Wicked Producer, for his signature sound effect at the beginning of his songs.

Xtra Cool is Young John's third single from his second EP, Love Is Not Enough (Vol. 2), which was released on September 23, 2022. The song is a romantic afro pop tune, where Young John expresses his love for a girl named Uloma, and asks her to be extra cool with him. He also reminisces about their past relationship, and hopes to rekindle their spark. The song has a catchy chorus, where he sings:

Omo, walahi

Omo, your ringing tone no wan comot for my head

No wan comot for my head

Omo, walahi

Never seen a girl so fine like in my life

I must confess

The song has a positive vibe and a smooth groove that makes it easy to dance to. It also showcases Young John's vocal abilities and his versatility as an artist.

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Lyrics Analysis

The lyrics of Xtra Cool are simple but effective. They convey Young John's feelings for Uloma in a playful and sincere way. He uses language and imagery that are relatable and appealing to his audience. For example, he compares their relationship to a spanner that needs to be loosened:

Girl na you put me in the mood

And I know you want am too

And I carry shoulder down for you

Jowo ma fimi pa

I don make my spanner loose

He also uses some Yoruba words and phrases, such as jowo (please), soro si mi (talk to me), sheshe beere (long time ago), sun owo ma ta (don't spend money), mowo wa'le (bring money home), which add some flavor and authenticity to his lyrics. He also uses some catchy phrases and rhymes, such as "I'm in love with you, no be lie", "You're my number one, no be lie", "You're the only one that I need", "You're the only one that I see", which make the song memorable and catchy. Music Production

Xtra Cool was produced by Young John himself, who is known for his skills and creativity in making beats and melodies. He has won several awards and nominations for his work, such as the Producer of the Year at the Headies Awards in 2015 and 2018. He has also been credited as one of the pioneers of the shaku shaku and zanku dance movements, which are popular in Nigeria and beyond. He has a distinctive style of blending afro pop, hip hop, and dancehall genres, which gives his songs a unique edge and appeal.

The main elements of Xtra Cool are the drums, the bass, the keyboard, the guitar, and the vocals. The drums provide a steady and upbeat rhythm that drives the song forward. The bass adds some depth and groove to the song, while the keyboard creates some melodies and harmonies that complement the vocals. The guitar adds some flavor and texture to the song, especially in the bridge section, where it plays some riffs and chords that create some contrast and tension. The vocals are clear and expressive, with some effects such as reverb and delay that enhance their quality and mood.

Xtra Cool fits into the genre of afro pop and hip hop, which are popular genres in Nigeria and Africa. Afro pop is a fusion of African music and pop music, which often features elements of highlife, juju, fuji, makossa, soukous, and other styles. Hip hop is a genre that originated in the United States, which often features elements of rap, DJing, breakdancing, graffiti, and other aspects of urban culture. Xtra Cool combines these genres in a seamless way, creating a song that is both modern and traditional, global and local.

Reception and Impact

Xtra Cool was well received by both critics and fans, who praised Young John's performance and production. The song debuted at number 10 on the Nigerian Top 50 Songs chart on Apple Music, and climbed to number 4 in its second week. It also reached number 7 on the Nigerian Top 100 Songs chart on Spotify, and number 9 on the Nigerian Top 10 Songs chart on YouTube Music. The song has over 10 million streams across various platforms, as of June 2023.

Some of the reviews and feedback from critics and fans are as follows:



Olisa Adibua (Beat FM)

"Xtra Cool is a banger. Young John has done it again. He is not only a wicked producer, but also a wicked singer. He has shown us that he can do anything with music. This song is a hit."

Tola Sarumi (Afro Pop Nation)

"Xtra Cool is a refreshing and charming song. Young John has delivered a smooth and catchy tune that showcases his talent and versatility. He has also given us a glimpse into his personal life and his love for Uloma. This song is a gem."

Chinedu Okoli (Fan)

"I love Xtra Cool by Young John. It is my favorite song right now. It makes me feel happy and relaxed. It also reminds me of my girlfriend, who is also extra cool with me. I always play this song for her."

Blessing Okafor (Fan)

"Xtra Cool by Young John is a beautiful song. It is very romantic and sweet. It also has a nice beat and melody that makes me want to dance. I always sing along to this song."

Emmanuel Ojo (Fan)

"Xtra Cool by Young John is a dope song. It is very catchy and groovy. It also has some clever lyrics and rhymes that make me laugh. I always rap along to this song."

Xtra Cool also influenced other artists and songs in the industry, who were inspired by Young John's style and success. Some of these artists include Zlatan Ibile, who featured Young John on his song Cho Cho, Rema, who sampled Xtra Cool on his song Bounce, Simi, who collaborated with Young John on her song Duduke Remix[^ ^], and Wizkid, who praised Young John on his song Essence Remix. Xtra Cool also spawned several covers, remixes, and mashups by other artists and fans, who added their own twists and flavors to the song. Conclusion

In conclusion, Xtra Cool by Young John is a hit song that deserves all the attention and acclaim it has received. It is a song that showcases Young John's talent and versatility as a producer, singer, and songwriter. It is also a song that expresses his love and appreciation for Uloma, his girlfriend and muse. It is a song that has a positive vibe and a smooth groove that makes it easy to dance and sing along to. It is a song that has influenced and inspired other artists and songs in the industry. It is a song that you should definitely download or stream if you haven't already.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and enjoy Xtra Cool by Young John, and let us know what you think in the comments section below. And don't forget to share this article with your friends and family, who might also love this song. Thank you for reading!


Q: Who is Uloma?

A: Uloma is Young John's girlfriend, who he met in 2021. She is also the inspiration behind Xtra Cool and other songs by Young John. She is a model and an entrepreneur, who runs her own fashion business.

Q: What does walahi mean?

A: Walahi is a word that means "I swear" or "by God" in Hausa, a language spoken in northern Nigeria and other parts of Africa. It is often used as an expression of emphasis or sincerity.

Q: How can I download or stream Xtra Cool by Young John?

A: You can download or stream


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