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Build and Launch Your Own Rocket in Spaceflight Simulator - APKMODY

Spaceflight Simulator: A Game Review

Have you ever dreamed of building your own rocket and exploring space? If so, you might want to check out Spaceflight Simulator, a game that lets you do just that. Spaceflight Simulator is a simulation game that allows you to create any rocket you want, launch it into orbit, and visit various planets and moons in a realistic solar system. In this article, we will review the game's features, gameplay, graphics, pros and cons, and more. Whether you are a space enthusiast, a science lover, or just looking for some fun, Spaceflight Simulator might be the game for you. spaceflight simulator

What is Spaceflight Simulator?

Spaceflight Simulator is a game developed by Stefo Mai Morojna, an independent developer from Romania. The game was first released in 2017 for Android and iOS devices, and later in 2022 for Windows PC via Steam. The game is inspired by real-world space programs and missions, such as NASA's Apollo Program, SpaceX's Falcon rockets, and ESA's Rosetta probe. The game's goal is to provide a realistic and educational experience of space exploration for players of all ages and backgrounds.

How to play Spaceflight Simulator?

Building your rocket

The game's main feature is its rocket builder mode, where you can use various parts and tools to create your own rocket. You can choose from different types of engines, fuel tanks, capsules, landing legs, solar panels, antennas, parachutes, and more. You can also customize the color, size, shape, and orientation of each part. You can also save your designs for future use or share them with other players online.

Launching and flying your rocket

Once you have built your rocket, you can launch it from one of several launch sites around the world. You can control your rocket using the on-screen buttons or by tilting your device. You can also use the navigation system to plan your trajectory and perform orbital maneuvers. You can adjust your throttle, pitch, yaw, roll, staging, RCS thrusters, docking ports, and more. You can also switch between different views, such as cockpit view, orbital view, or free camera view. spaceflight simulator mod apk spaceflight simulator download spaceflight simulator apk free spaceflight simulator spaceflight simulator rockets spaceflight simulator cheats spaceflight simulator hack spaceflight simulator mods spaceflight simulator review spaceflight simulator tips spaceflight simulator tutorial spaceflight simulator update spaceflight simulator wiki spaceflight simulator android spaceflight simulator ios spaceflight simulator pc spaceflight simulator online spaceflight simulator multiplayer spaceflight simulator gameplay spaceflight simulator features spaceflight simulator planets spaceflight simulator missions spaceflight simulator challenges spaceflight simulator sandbox spaceflight simulator realistic spaceflight simulator best rocket spaceflight simulator how to land spaceflight simulator how to orbit spaceflight simulator how to dock spaceflight simulator how to build spaceflight simulator how to launch spaceflight simulator how to reentry spaceflight simulator how to moon landing spaceflight simulator how to mars landing spaceflight simulator how to saturn landing spaceflight simulator how to jupiter landing spaceflight simulator how to venus landing spaceflight simulator how to mercury landing spaceflight simulator how to pluto landing spaceflight simulator how to asteroid landing spaceflight simulator how to station building spaceflight simulator how to satellite launching spaceflight simulator how to rover driving spaceflight simulator how to shuttle flying spaceflight simulator how to solar system exploring spaceflight simulator how to gravity assist using

Landing and exploring planets

If you manage to reach orbit or escape velocity, you can visit various planets and moons in the solar system. You can land on their surfaces using retro rockets or parachutes. You can also deploy payloads such as rovers or satellites. You can explore their terrain features such as craters, mountains, volcanoes, oceans, rings, or asteroids. You can also see realistic effects such as day-night cycles, atmospheric re entry, gravity, and temperature. You can also take screenshots or videos of your achievements and share them with others.

What makes Spaceflight Simulator unique?

Realistic physics and graphics

One of the most impressive aspects of Spaceflight Simulator is its realistic physics and graphics. The game uses a custom-made physics engine that calculates the effects of gravity, drag, thrust, mass, inertia, and more. The game also uses accurate data from NASA and other sources to model the solar system, such as the size, distance, orbit, and rotation of each planet and moon. The game also features stunning graphics that show the details and textures of each celestial body, as well as the stars, clouds, sunsets, and auroras.

Open universe and sandbox mode

Another unique feature of Spaceflight Simulator is its open universe and sandbox mode. The game does not have any predefined missions or objectives, but rather lets you explore space at your own pace and creativity. You can go anywhere and do anything you want in space, such as building a space station, landing on Mars, or flying by Jupiter. You can also experiment with different scenarios and challenges, such as launching multiple rockets, docking in orbit, or crashing into planets. You can also use the time warp feature to speed up or slow down time.

Modding and community support

A final unique feature of Spaceflight Simulator is its modding and community support. The game allows you to download and install mods from other players that add new parts, planets, features, or improvements to the game. You can also create your own mods using the game's editor or external tools. You can also join the game's online community on various platforms, such as Reddit, Discord, YouTube, or Instagram. You can share your creations, tips, feedback, or questions with other players and developers.

What are the pros and cons of Spaceflight Simulator?


Some of the pros of Spaceflight Simulator are:

  • It is simple to play but hard to master. You can learn the basics of rocket building and space flight in minutes, but you can also challenge yourself with more complex designs and missions.

  • It is creative and educational. You can express your imagination and curiosity by creating your own rockets and exploring space. You can also learn about real-world space science and engineering concepts along the way.

  • It is fun and addictive. You can enjoy the thrill and satisfaction of launching rockets, flying in space, and landing on planets. You can also replay the game with different goals and outcomes.


Some of the cons of Spaceflight Simulator are:

  • It is buggy and glitchy. The game may crash, freeze, lag, or behave unpredictably at times. Some parts may not work properly or as expected.

  • It is lacking in content and variety. The game may become repetitive or boring after a while. Some parts may be missing or limited in functionality. Some planets may be bland or unrealistic.

  • It is lacking in objectives and guidance. The game may not provide enough direction or feedback for some players. Some players may not know what to do or how to do it in the game.

How to get Spaceflight Simulator?

If you are interested in playing Spaceflight Simulator, you can get it from various sources depending on your device:

DeviceSourcePriceSystem Requirements

AndroidFree (with ads and in-app purchases)Android 4.4 or higher

iOS$4.99 (no ads or in-app purchases)iOS 10.0 or higher

Windows PC$9.99 (no ads or in-app purchases)Windows 7 or higher


In conclusion, Spaceflight Simulator is a game that lets you build your own rocket and explore space in a realistic solar system. The game has many features that make it unique, such as its realistic physics and graphics, its open universe and sandbox mode, and its modding and community support. The game also has some drawbacks that make it less appealing, such as its bugs and glitches, its lack of content and variety, and its lack of objectives and guidance. The game is available for Android, iOS, and Windows PC devices, with different prices and system requirements. If you are looking for a game that lets you experience the wonders and challenges of space exploration, Spaceflight Simulator might be worth a try.


Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about Spaceflight Simulator:

How do I get more parts in Spaceflight Simulator?

You can get more parts in Spaceflight Simulator by e


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