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When installing the product through the installer program, the required components will be installed automatically. If, however, you extract the package and then later run the EasyMultiInstall.vbs or the msi file to install the product, the Desktop Prerequisite Pack v08.11.09.xx must be installed on your workstation prior to the product installation. The RealDwg2012.msi should be installed after the product is installed. The Desktop Prerequisite Pack is available from the Web downloads/MySELECT CD area of SELECTservices Online. The contents of the Desktop Prerequisite Pack include:

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With Subscription Entitlement Service (formerly CONNECT Licensing), all users must be registered with Bentley's Identity Management System (IMS) and sign in to the CONNECTION Client to access Bentley applications. Product activation will now occur through user sign-in to the CONNECTION Client with a valid IMS ID associated with their account. User sign-in will replace traditional activation keys, offering enhanced security as administrators will be able to control which users have access to Bentley software. License entitlements are granted and maintained through Subscription Entitlement Service's Entitlement Management Service. By signing into the CONNECTION Client users can also find their organization's projects, download software updates, receive relevant notifications, and track their usage.

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For years the WRC has provided the documented technical basis for many decisions made regarding design, repair, remaining life estimation, and fitness for service of pressure equipment in our industries. Many codes and industry recommended practices are based on the information found in these bulletins, globally. The following list is just a sampling of important reference documents in which fixed equipment reliability professionals, especially mechanical and materials engineers, may have a high vested interest. If you are not directly responsible for decision making in these areas we highly encourage readers to pass this information on to the appropriate people in your organization for their consideration. WRC publications - records of important progress in welding and pressure vessel research - are applications oriented and provide specific recommendations based on validated technology. Whether on fitness for service, weld crack prevention, or toughness, over 475 WRC Bulletins convey the knowledge gained from diverse sources at the cost of millions of dollars.

The materials displayed on this website, including but not limited to all text, audio, video, images, photographs, illustrations, artwork, animation files and other graphics, names, logos, trademarks, and service marks, are property of Subaru or its parent or affiliated companies or its licensors and are protected by copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property laws. This site may be displayed, downloaded, and/or printed solely for your personal, non-commercial home use, provided that you do not delete or modify any copyright, trademark, or other proprietary notices. Any other use of the material on this site without the prior written consent of Subaru is strictly prohibited.

Process piping imposes external loads on vessel and exchanger nozzles that must be accounted for (see ASME VIII-1, UG-22). Stresses on pressure vessel nozzles and attachments have historically been checked using the Welding Research Council Bulletin 107. WRC 537 was published in 2010 and was meant to update and replace the widely used WRC 107. WRC 537 contains equations that represent the graphs found in the March 1979 Revision of WRC 107 making it both easier to program and more accurate. COMPRESS and INSPECT feature a built-in, no additional cost WRC 107 and WRC 537 stress analysis for local stresses in spherical and cylindrical shells that allows you to:

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The ability of the precipitation hardening superalloy Haynes 282 to be repaired by multi-pass gas tungsten arc welding is investigated in this study. The repair welding has been carried out on forged discs having four pre weld heat treatments, resulting in different grain sizes and precipitate structures of the base material. Another set of discs has additionally been put through a post weld heat treatment. The tendency to form cracks in the heat-affected zone and the fusion zone has been investigated metallographically. No cracks in the base metal heat-affected zone were found, whereas solidification cracks were present in the weld fusion zone of all tested conditions. While high heat input during welding increased cracking by a factor of 1.5, none of the heat treatments had a measurable influence on the cracking behaviour. Voids with solid state crack-like appearance turned out to be aluminium-rich oxides being present from the deposition of previous weld deposit layers.

Large structural components are often produced out of smaller parts that are later joined together by welding [4]. As the complex microstructure of superalloys makes them prone to crack formation, a profound understanding of the material behaviour and underlying mechanisms is necessary. This also holds for repair welding operations, which are, despite their complexity and difficulty, economically more feasible than replacing large components. The unique setup of such operations makes it difficult to develop automated (and thereby more controlled) methods, resulting in high responsibility resting on the shoulders of welders that carry out welding repairs. Nevertheless, the knowledge and understanding of ongoing mechanisms on the material side is paramount to be able to successfully use repair welding operations.

For Haynes 282, heat-affected zone (HAZ) cracking has been reported to occur by grain boundary liquation [5], with observations made during Gleeble hot ductility tests confirming the presence of liquid films at grain boundaries at high temperatures [6]. Material rankings using the constant heating rate test indicate a high resistance of Haynes 282 to strain age cracking (SAC) [7, 8] and no cracking was found during post weld heat treatment (PWHT) in Haynes 282 using autogenous laser welds [9]. The availability of studies on the welding response of Haynes 282 is however still very sparse and no information on multi-pass repair welding is available for this alloy yet. This study aims to fill this gap by investigating the influence of different pre and post weld heat treatments on HAZ and fusion zone (FZ) cracking during manual multi-pass repair welding. Furthermore, the effect of the welding process has been evaluated by varying the heat input through adjusting the welding current.

No correlation could be found between thermal history of the base material and the cracking response. As cracks were only found in the weld fusion zone, this is however reasonable, as an effect of the base material could only be anticipated in FZ regions very close to the base material. The absence of cracks in the base metal HAZ would indicate that, irrespective of the material condition, wrought Haynes 282 exhibits a generally good response to repair welding operations. This is however different for the fusion zone, where in total 47 cracks have been observed in the 40 investigated grooves. Welding with higher heat input increased cracking by a factor of 1.5, with no clear pattern being evident regarding overall crack distribution over the welding deposit layers. While stress levels have not been quantified within this study, it can be reasonably assumed that higher thermal stresses were present during welding with 140-A welding current and hence facilitating crack formation. SEM investigations of found cracks revealed the dendritic structure formed during the solidification process without signs of decohesion, as shown in Fig. 6. This further supports the assumption that those cracks are indeed solidification cracks.

The voids found in bottom regions of weld deposits appear to be cracks when viewed under an optical microscope, lying horizontally, i.e. parallel to the fusion boundary. Most of them are located at the interface between columnar grains on the bottom and equiaxed grains on top (cf. Fig. 7). No signs of liquation could be found during SEM investigation. EDS scans however revealed the presence of aluminium-rich oxide films in the voids, as indicated in Fig. 7. This finding makes it very unlikely that those voids are stain age cracks and instead support the hypothesis that these voids are caused by oxide films present during the deposition process. The large number in comparison to the amount of solidification cracks is related to the manual welding process, where more thorough surface cleaning between layer depositions would have been necessary. It should be noted though that voids caused by oxide layers are about half the size of solidification cracks and LoF (cf. Figs. 6 and 7). 350c69d7ab


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